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Wind Turbines and towers.
Wind power is one of the fastest growing segments of the renewable energy industry and its growth is fueled by rising energy cost and generous government tax incentives. There are many areas of the country that can benefit from a wind power system but wind turbine locations can be very site specific and we recommend data logging the site for a season to determine your wind power resource. Event Horizon has been installing wind turbines in the Michigan and surrounding states for 16 years and we know what will work in these areas. We use Primus (Air Breeze) turbines for small residential or cabin power wind systems, and we use Bergey Wind Power for large residential and commercial wind turbine power systems. We carry some of the finest quality monopole towers that can be custom made for any wind turbine. Customers can install a grid tie wind turbine or an off grid wind power system with batteries so you can be independent of the power grid. We also offer the do it yourself crowd all the technical support help needed to install your own wind turbine.  Please note: We do not sell Rooftop mounted wind turbines. There is not enough useful energy at those heights to make them cost effective. Consider a solar array instead if you do not have room for a turbine.

Bergey EXCEL wind turbine. Bergey wind XL.1 on tower.

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Michigan's wind resources. Michigan's ever changing-weather provides many
excellent wind sites, particularly near the Lakes and wind is the fuel of choice for those Michigan residents. Wind systems are designed to meet 25-80% of the average household's electric use. Wind turbines are also available for smaller
applications, such as boats, RV's, lighting and security. Individual performance
depends on your site & tower height and tower's are available from 27 feet to 140 feet.
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