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Field proven Primus wind turbines.
The new Air turbines by Primus Windpower

Air Breeze Turbine
Air Breeze
12/24/48 volt
Price $1,099.00
Marine/Land turbine

Please specify voltage when ordering.

Air X Marine
12/24/48 volt
Price $1,099.00

Please specify voltage when ordering.

12/24/48 volt
Price $839.40
Land Turbine

Please specify voltage when ordering.

12/24/48 volt
Price $839.40
Land Turbine

Please specify voltage when ordering.

 New Air Silent X
 12/24/48 volt
Price $1,400.00
Land Turbine

Silent operation!
Carbon fiber blue blades.

Air Spec Sheet
Choosing the right turbine

Recommended Accessories.
Spare parts including turbine replacement blades available.

Air wind controller
Low cost turbine controller has stop switch, power meter and breaker built in.
Price $199.00

More Info.

5 amp to 50 amp.
Price $36.80
Stop Switch
Stop switch.
Price $

Air 27ft Tower Kit.
Price $229.50

Pipe not  included.

Air 45 ft tower
Air 45ft Tower Kit
Price $399.50

Pipe not  included.
Roof Mount


Side of building mount. Includes isolators and seal.
Price $201.60

Marine Tower
9' Air Marine aluminum pole kit.
Price $238.99

29' Easy Tower. Includes pipe and anchors.
Price $775.50

Augers for guyed towers.
36" set of four. $201.60
48" set of four. $283.20

Please call or email to order.

The Air series small scale wind turbines are high quality turbines with a five year warranty. The Air Breeze is suited for marine environments while the Air 30 and Air 40 are land turbines. These are not cheaply made turbines that you might find for sale all over the internet which many customers have said was such a waste of money.  Contact us today to see which wind turbine and tower combination is right for you. We are your Michigan Primus wind turbine dealer.

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