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Solar Thermal (hot water) Basics - It's All About the Money
Solar Hot Water Systems

Industrial Applications- turn your rooftop into a profit operation.  Any business that pays for water heat knows just how deeply this expense cuts into profit!  Implementing a solar water heating system adds dramatically to bottom line profit.  Cut dollars from washing operations, pool and spa heating or anywhere your business uses hot water.

Industrial Wash Operations ~ Steam pre-heaters~ Hot Water Industrial Processes Car Washes ~ Laundry ~ Hotel and Campground ~ Pool and Jacuzzi Heating ~ Steam


Residential applications-It's easy to underestimate the cost of heating water.   Over 30% of your household heating dollars go to keeping water hot.  Using a fuel-free solar system makes a significant improvement in your energy consumption.  We use the same amount of hot water all year, so with Michigan's long days, you can really maximize your savings! When designing a residential system, assume 40 square feet (one 4x10) of collector per person. Or one 4x8 high performance collector.

So Simple and So Effective!!

Fluid is routed through the solar collectors which consist of a tempered glass and  copper baffle and fin system, specifically designed to capture maximum solar radiant energy.  A heat activated sensor controls a circulating pump so the system automatically comes on when sunlight is available. The heated fluid is routed to an insulated storage tank where the heat is transferred to the water supply, then  the fluid is cycled back to the collector for further heating.   

The solar water heater acts a stand alone system or as a pre-heater for an existing gas or electric water heating system. The heated water can be used to support a radiant floor or baseboard space heating system. The insulated storage tank typically contains between 80 and 120 gallons of water.  Because the tanks are well insulated, heat can be stored over several days, providing hot water even during overcast conditions.  Because the solar thermal principle is based on radiant energy, these systems will work any time of the year when the sun is out.  Outside temperature has minimal affect on the system  performance.  Event Horizon Solar has been selling and installing solar hot water systems in Michigan for 12 years. We can make sure you get every bit of heat out of your system you paid for!

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