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Solar Water Heating.
Solar hot water heat for pools, hot tubs, space heating.
Flat plate and Evacuated tube solar collectors.
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Solar water heating has the lowest initial upfront cost and fastest payback of all the renewable energy systems. Solar water heating can be used for residential hot water, pool and hot tub heating, space heating and a number of industrial solar heating applications. A solar hot water system consist of the solar hot water collectors or panels, copper tubing to carry the fluid, heat exchanger and storage tanks. We carry only high quality flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors and solar hot water kits made right here in the USA and we can design and install your system or we can assist you in doing your own installation if you choose. We also now have plastic low cost pool heating panels. Our USA manufacturers have been making high quality SRCC rated solar hot water collectors and kits for years and have a very good reputation for high performance flat plate collectors. We also carry evacuated tube solar collectors from very reputable manufacturers. Solar water heating works in all climates and we have many happy solar hot water heater customers in Michigan and other states across the USA.
Note: We have limited capacity for installation at the present time.
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