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Hand or Solar Power Water Pump
Can be added to your existing well!
Made in the USA
Buy a cheap online hand pump and you will most likely regret it!

Simple Pump hand pump.

Easily fits inside your existing well pump casing.  2" stand alone or (5" to 6")

Highly effective for
emergency water, off grid or remote sites.
Pump by hand or use solar powered 12/24 volt DC motor

Solar powered pump option

We highly recommend this hand water pump for either an emergency solar well pump for your existing well or as a remote site hand pump or solar water pump for wells with common 2" through 8" casings. Fresh water can be easily pumped from as deep as 325'. The hand effort required from a typical depth of 100' is only 13 pounds of child-like downward force for 3 gallons per minute. The Model 100CA pump self-primes and can deliver water at up to 100 psi which allows your home pressure tank to be charged by hand or get water right from the spigot.

Click this image to see close-up of hand pump head construction.
This device is extremely high-precision and built to last!. Many of our customers call us after they receive it just to tell us how impressed they are with its quality. Precision built, simple installation and very affordably priced. This is the answer to your water concerns.

This unit installs in your well along side your existing pump for emergency water. It can also be used as a primary hand pump for remote or off grid sites.

Simple Pump PartsWell Caps
High-precision CNC machined and the pump kit includes a new well cap for your well. Certified cap available.
You won't see this kind of quality with the other brands!

Click to see Hand Pump Assembly Parts List 

Click to see Pump Cylinder  and how it works!
Click to see Pump Specs
What can it Do?
How deep can it pump?
Quality of parts.

Features And Their Benefits

Features Benefits
Motor mounted above the well For industrial use: Don't need explosive-proof hardware because the 12 volt DC motor is surface mounted - not in the pit with explosive gases.
Elegantly simple and efficient design Greatly reduces parts wear and tear so you avoid costly downtime.
Aerospace-quality machining Easy installation and low maintenance costs.
Low-profile setting In just 5 minutes, lever arm and linkage can be removed and pump lowered to low-profile mode to deter vandals. Pump then stands only 5 inches above the ground.
Small diameter Easily installs in as small as a 2" well casing.

Simple Pump™ is... Durable and Reliable

Features Benefits
CNC-machined stainless steel construction Resists corrosion. Made for long-term, trouble-free operation.
50-year useful life Keeps your maintenance and replacement costs very low - even in extreme environments.
PVC drop pipe Prevents chemical reactions to many types of pumped liquids.
20,000 pound tensile strength rated fiberglass rods Lightweight - makes it easy to pump 5 gal./min. with very minimal effort.
5-year part warranty In case of defects, any part will be replaced and shipped in the continental U.S. at no charge.

Simple Pump™ is... Environmentally Adaptable

Features Benefits
Self-priming pump Freeze-resistant even in severe conditions. We have many pumps operating 24/7 without difficulty in high-wind, freezing temperatures reaching -17F (-27C).
Designed for flexible installation Pump can be installed in a casing off of true vertical by as much as 20 degrees. (Well casings are off vertical because of the realities of drilling material with variable hardness.)
Solar power option Allows for remote, unattended operation.
Manual or 12-volt battery option Easily move pump from well to well.
(gallons per minute)
MAX LIFT (total head)
(water level + vertical rise +
100’ equivalent for pressure)
125L Pump System Human 5 GPM @ 60 strokes/min 275'
100L Pump System Human 3 GPM @ 60 strokes/min 325'

Basic Simple Pump Pricing
The most popular "lever handle" pump kit  (Model 100CA) comes complete with all necessary upper installation components, Submersible stainless steel pump cylinder and the upper pump/spigot assembly for only $865.
You then order the number of drop pipes needed for the depth of your well.

See Ordering Information below for all options available.

Drop Pipe

The Drop Pipe Kit includes schedule 120 PVC with coupling, rod guide, and one 80,000 psi fiberglass pump rod with integral stainless steel fittings. Each drop pipe kit is sold in 9' lengths for $45. UPS limits packages to 9' in length therefore we offer the drop pipe kits in  9' lengths. Example: If an installation requires the pump to be at 60', then seven 9' kits (7 x 9 = 63') are needed, one of which is the required "top pipe" section which is slightly different than the standard sections. Click link to see color image (pop-up window) of  Drop pipe kit section.

Five Year Warranty
Simple Pump hand water pump manufacturer's warranty includes all parts of the system for a five year period to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. They will replace any component that is defective.

Maximum flexibility. Pump water by hand or attach the 12/24 volt motor option
und use solar power which can be run from as little as a 200 watt panel for emergency water.
See details that follow.

Solar PanelSolar Power
Use solar power for your water pump

Simple Pump DC Motor Option

Hand Powered water pump or Motor Driven water pump with solar power.
The mounting of the motor takes only a few minutes, and you can just as easily go back to hand-operation, if ever necessary.
Click to see example of solar power (pop-up window).

Add the 1/5 horsepower motor drive option and you have automatic fresh water delivery. The 12v motor can be powered by just a battery (car or marine type), or in combination with ONE solar panel or small wind generator for indefinite regular pumping, as well as 110v inverter/utility power using a 12 volt converter. The gear motor draws 120 watts (10 amps at 12 volts) during the complete stroke cycle. The pump stroke setting is adjustable, however to optimize motor current draw and flow rate the following table lists the recommended settings.

MOTORIZED PUMP with Scotch Yoke Drive
125L-M Pump System 105ME/GM12-8
12vDC, 1/5HP
1.6 - 3.1 GPM (depending on head)
100' total head
Not applicable
125L-M Pump System 105ME/GM24-8 24vDC, 1/4HP
1.6 - 3.1 GPM (depending on head)
150' total head
Not applicable
100L-M Pump System 105ME/GM12-8
12vDC, 1/5HP
1.0 – 1.5 GPM (depending on head) 150' total head Not applicable
100L-M Pump System 105ME/GM24-8 24vDC, 1/4HP 1.0 – 1.5 GPM (depending on head) 200' total head Not applicable
MOTORIZED PUMP with Linear Bearing Link Drive
125L-M Pump System LBLD12-1
12vDC, 1/5HP
2.0 GPM 125' total head Not applicable
125L-M Pump System LBLD24-1
24vDC, 1/4HP
2.0 GPM 150' total head Not applicable
100L-M Pump System LBLD12-1
12vDC, 1/5HP
1.5 GPM 200' total head Not applicable
100L-M Pump System LBLD24-1
24vDC, 1/4HP
1.5 GPM 225' total head Not applicable
Notes on calculations:
1. 100 feet of head equals 43.4 PSI.
2. Example of total head calculation: The well water level is at 80 feet, the pump is at 100 feet and we want to deliver 30 psi from the pump head. 30 psi =  100/43.4 x 30 = 69 feet of head. Total head = 80 + 69 = 149 feet of total head. From the chart, see the next highest head of 160 feet.

The motor drive easily bolts-on the pump body in place of the handle.  This arrangement can serve as a very practical water delivery method for remote cabins, livestock watering, etc. or emergency water during extended power outages. The motor drive option speeds water delivery, but can also be changed back to manual in just a few minutes, adding to the pump's versatility under any condition. An ideal, easy solution for fresh water during power emergencies or for greater independence.

12/24 volt Motor Option Details.

12 Volt Pump12 Volt Option
100% CNC machined in a U.S. aerospace facility.

The 12 volt motor drive option costs $850. 24 volt motor is $875. The picture with cover removed shows gear-motor cam action. The picture on the right shows an on/off switch and safety fuse. The motor housing is made of quality stainless steel and designed for rugged outdoor conditions. We can advise you on how to best utilize the motor drive for your particular situation using a 12v battery, solar power or other alternatives. Comes with a full one year warranty.

Call us for assistance and specific pricing for your situation.

Price List and Ordering Information
What information do you need to order your Simple pump hand water?

Specify which pump kit. Either a 100CA for standard systems, or a 125CA - for higher capacity systems.

Specify your cover size and style.  Tell us your well case size and if you have existing pump piping coming through your cover. Some electric pump systems bring the pressure piping below ground to your house. This is commonly referred to as a "Pitless Adapter". To measure your well case you can wrap a tape around it and divide by 3.14 to get the outside diameter. The case size is 3/8 to 5/8" less than this measurement . 2" case = 2.38 OD, 4" = 4.50 OD, 5" = 5.56 OD, 6" = 6.62 OD, 8" = 8.62 OD.

Specify the total depth you intend to pump from.  Remember, 20 feet into your static water level is all that is normally necessary unless your recovery rate is less than the expected output from the pump you order. Your total well depth is unimportant. We can advise you on this if you have any questions.

For motorized pumping:
Specify the 105GM 1/5 HP motor option.

PITLESS ADAPTER: You can add the Pitless option if you want to discharge your water underground in freezing climates. Requires digging out around the well casing to install into a water line, and with this option the water will not discharge from the pump head.
                                                                                                                                        Typical parts list.

Part #
125CA 5gpm Pump Cylinder Assembly: 1.75" $350.00
100CA 3gpm Pump Cylinder Assembly: 1.375" $300.00
PHA 2 Pump Head Assembly: with US standard hose adaptor on 3/4" NPT fitting $500.00
PHA-ME/GM Pump Head Assembly for use with Motor only. No lever arm components. $400.00
24LA 24" Lever Arm Assembly with ABS grip, bronze bushings $65.00
36LA 36" Lever Arm Assembly with ABS grip, bronze bushings $85.00
105ME/GM12-8 12v DC Motor Extension with Scotch Yoke Drive $850.00
109DPT 9’ drop pipe kit with rod and guide for top section (one required) $45.00
109DP 9’ drop pipe kit with rod and guide for remaining drop pipe length - specify number of these 9' kits to achieve total depth into static water. $45.00
109DPB 9’ bottom drop pipe kit with sucker rod and rod guide $45.00
5684RE-SS Drop pipe length adjustment (Rod Extender) $6.00
C2 2" Well cover  $65.00
C4 4" Well cover with 1"auxiliary pressure port $75.00
C5 5" Well cover with 1 1/4" auxiliary pressure port $75.00
C6 6" Well cover with 1 1/4" auxiliary pressure port $95.00
C6WTCC-CI 6" Boshart cast iron well cap (for 6” or 6.25” ID casings with 6-5/8" OD). Certified, gasketed, (2)-3/4" screened vents, 1" FNPT conduit connection in bump-out. For use with submersible pitless adaptor configuration.
5" also available.


C8P 8" Well cover with 1 1/4" auxiliary pressure port $100.00
CV1 Check valve and gauge assembly $73.00
SIM073 Machined, aluminum safety tool $25.00
Solar Powered!

Complete solar powered kit for Simple pump includes solar panels and mount.

  Discounts to Michigan Well Drillers! Please call or email.  


Typical Simple Pump Hand Pump Order
This order would be a complete Simple Pump hand pump system to fit a 6" case with an auxiliary port for the existing AC pump. This system will provide 63 total feet of drop pipe (7 x 9’) and will pump 3+ gallons per minute.
Pump Head Assembly: with US standard hose adaptor on 3/4" NPT fitting
1 24LA 24" Lever Arm Assembly (Handle) $65
1 125CA Model 125 Pump Cylinder Assembly $350

6 inch well cover with auxiliary port


Top 9' Drop Pipe Section


Standard 9' Drop Pipe Sections

1 SK125

Spare seal kit

1 SIM073

Safety Tool

TOTAL before shipping.

Shipping Information:
The Simple pump system is shipped via FedEx ground transportation unless otherwise requested. Shipping costs vary depending on the total items ordered and from state to state. A typical 100 foot hand pump order runs from $90 to $130 depending on location. We provide shipping cost amount when you order your Simple Pump hand water pump.

The Simple Pump is a high quality hand water pump offering an effective solution for emergency water or remote site pumping.

Simple Pump Hand Pump
Simple, Effective, Reliable, Affordable hand water pump!

Works with existing well-pump or as stand alone hand water pump.

Hand Powered or Motor Driven with Solar Power.

Contact us for more information or to order yours.
Nothing is more important than your water.

Simple Pump hand water pump!

We have been selling and installing Simple Pump hand pumps for twelve years now and can say that after all this time, we still have not found another brand as well made that can actually do what they claim they can. We have tried others believing we may be able to offer a less expensive emergency hand water pump to our customers but it's true what they say, "you get what you pay for" and we do not want unhappy customers. So we have decided that the Simple Pump is the only one we will ever sell!

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