What Can a Simple Pump™ Do?
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How deep can Simple Pump pump from?

Because of Simple Pump's™ mechanical lever arm design, the average person can easily pump from depths up to 200 feet. We estimate that the maximum effective pumping depth is approximately 300 feet due to accumulated sucker rod stretch.

How much water does it pump?

Pumping rates from the Simple Pump vary directly with the frequency and length of strokes of the lever arm. In normal operation, Simple Pump™ delivers up to 5 gallons per minute.

How hard is it to pump water?

With the Simple Pump, pumping water from normal depths is easy. The lever handle that is standard equipment with our pump system works on common leverage principles and provides a leverage ratio of 3.3:1. The actual force required is dependent on the total length of drop pipe assembly. For a standard installation of 100 feet, it takes approximately 12 pounds of downward force - a child can easily do this. At 200 feet, it takes approximately 24 pounds of downward force.

"Can the pump really develop enough pressure to fill my pressure tank?"

Yes. Simple Pump has been manufactured to very stringent tolerances, which lets the pump develop sufficient pressure to fill a residential pressure or bladder tank.

How well does Simple Pump work in freezing temperatures?

The Simple Pump was designed similar to a non-freeze hydrant and allows the upper column of water to bleed off to a depth below the frost line. This keeps the pump from freezing. We have many pumps operating 24/7 without difficulty in high-wind, freezing temperatures reaching -30°F. Proper precautions should be taken each fall to ensure that the weep hole has not become obstructed.