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RV Solar 

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Marine Solar

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RV And Marine Power Kits provide an easy-to-install, all-in-one package that gets you on the road or water to solar power—fast. Available in 50, 123, and 246 watt versions, they're suitable for everything from trickle-charging batteries to powering appliances. Their modular structure means that you can add more panels to produce more power—paving your way to complete solar freedom!

We have complete solar and wind systems for your RV or marine power requirements

What Can I  Power?
Any equipment on board! Either 12volt or 120volt loads can be powered with our kits.

What components do I need?
Either purchase a pre-made solar or wind power kit or pick your own parts from our store. Generally a solar panel and a solar controller will be all you need. Small wind turbines have built in voltage control.

What about corrosion?
Solar panels are made from glass and aluminum which will not corrode under most conditions. Small wind turbines can be purchased with special coatings for marine environments.

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RV wind power. Marine solar. RV and Boat solar power kits.

Wind and solar powered Boats and RV's are popular with those looking to reduce generator run times. Contact us for a custom design, or to order your RV or Marine power system.

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