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Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning is here!






The DC4812VRF all DC solar air conditioner is for those who are off grid or who want 100% solar powered air conditioning. The DC 48 is extremely efficient which means less battery and solar panel cost and more energy into your home or office.

The SEER 27 compressor runs on DC power at various frequencies and refrigerant flow depending on the current cooling load.  There is no other power source required . This system can not run directly from solar panels due to fluctuations in voltage so needs a battery bank for stable operation.
The DC4812VRF is a variable capacity, variable speed, variable refrigerant flow unit. There is no other solar or DC air conditioner like it on the market.


This off grid solar air conditioner requires batteries, solar panels and charge controllers for operation and needs a 48vdc system voltage.

The DC4812VRF DC air conditioner is installed just like a normal mini-split air conditioner, you then connect the solar panels and batteries to the outdoor unit. The DC4812VRF uses R410a refrigerant so it is legal for the homeowner to self install however we recommend hiring an HVAC pro as you will need a vacuum pump to commission the solar powered air conditioner.


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48v Solar/Battery Power

12,000 BTU Heat Pump

Cool or Heat up to 700 ft^2

Eligible For US Tax Credits

Variable Capacity

Anti-Corrosion Technology

Eco-Friendly R410a Refrigerant

Washable Filters

Digital Wireless Remote

Quiet Indoor Unit
(As Low As 26dB)

User friendly remote with sleep mode timer.