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These are some of the most popular inverters we sell.
If you need an inverter brand not listed, please contact us.
We sell many other brands at low cost.
Please call or email for lowest price.

Grid tie only pure sinewave inverters. No batteries.

Hybrid and off grid pure sinewave inverters. Batteries required.

Inverters come in many sizes, types and ratings and it can be difficult to choose the right inverter for your project. Popular solar grid tie inverters feed the power from a solar array back to the power company grid and do not need batteries to operate. However, if there is a power failure due to storms etc, they shut off to protect line workers. A grid tie inverter with the ability to provide backup power are called hybrid inverters and require batteries. These hybrid grid tie inverters are great for those wanting to use the power from the solar array when the power grid fails.

Off Grid type inverters can not sell power back to the utility company and also need batteries as part of a solar electric system. These off grid inverters are great for cabins, off grid homes and any other renewable energy installation where grid power is unavailable. We also carry inverters for mobile applications such as RV and Marine and remote monitoring equipment. We carry pure sinewave inverters and lower cost squarewave inverters.

If you need help choosing the right inverter for your application, please call or email your specs and we will give you our best inverter recommendation and at low cost. We carry only the finest field proven inverters. No cheap inverters that burn up or don't provide their rated power!

Event Horizon solar is your complete power inverter source.  We have many different types of power inverters for almost any application. If you are looking for 12 volt power inverters, 24 volt power inverters or 48 volt power inverters, Event Horizon solar is the place to find the power inverter for your project.  We offer off-grid power inverters, on-grid power inverters, grid tied power inverters and inverter chargers. We also carry both modified sine power inverters and pure sine power inverters.

If you are looking for dc to ac power inverters, Event Horizon solar has you covered.  Our power inverter line has inputs voltages ranging from 12 volt dc power inverters, 24 volt dc power inverters and 48 volt dc power inverters.  You will find a complete line of industrial grade power inverters, available in 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volts.  Our industrial power inverters are built tough and ready for use in any commercial applications. 

Event Horizon solar also offers 220 50hz export power inverters.  The Export power inverters that we offer are modified sine 220 50hz power inverters, which are designed to be used in Africa and Europe. These 220 50hz power inverters are available in both 12 volt and 48 volt. 

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