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FEDERAL AND STATE REBATES AND INCENTIVES for Solar panels, Wind generators and Solar Thermal.
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Your power company can help pay for your solar panel system!

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Grid Tie Solar
Grid Tie Solar Panel Kits
Installation Available!

We can design and install any size grid tie solar panel system for your home or business using top quality solar panels with 25 year warranties.
With low prices and top quality solar panels, you will be assured of the most cost effective grid tie solar electric system. And with the 30% government incentives, your payback time is very reasonable!
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Buy solar panels by the pallet and save! Free arrestor with kit purchase.
Check out the new SMA TL solar inverters which can provide power during the day when the grid goes down!
SMA Sunny Boy
 Wind Power
Bergey wind turbine
  Bergey Wind
Top quality and reliability!
Monopole towers available.

Bergey wind turbine
Air Breeze
Air Breeze
Best small wind turbine on the market!

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Solar Air Conditioning Solar Air Conditioner
For those who have been waiting for a solar air conditioner!Solar AC
Two different models to choose from. The ACDC12b solar air conditioner operates directly from solar panels by day and AC from the grid at night saving 90% or more on your energy bill.

The DC4812VRF model is an off grid air conditioner which operates from solar panels and batteries, giving off grid people a very efficient way of cooling their off grid home, cabin or garage.

Go to solar air conditioning page.

High efficiency portable unit now available.

Utility rates are going up. Fight back with a grid tie solar panel system!
Renewable Energy gives a guaranteed return on investment!
A solar panel today costs 1/3 what it cost a few years ago!

This site is powered by solar and wind!

"wind mill" See what solar panels or wind turbines can do for Michigan residents. Solar power is the fastest growing power source in Michigan and Solar thermal plus Wind power are also proving to be highly effective in reducing energy costs. Event Horizon Solar is a Michigan solar contractor and installer that has been helping home and business owners in Michigan manage their energy with solar panels and wind generators for 16 years. Thank you for your continuing support. Let us help you reduce your electric and heating energy bills by using solar panels or wind turbines. Event Horizon Solar & Wind is not an electrical contractor who decided to sell solar panels on the side. Solar and wind power is all we do!  Let us show you what a residential grid tie solar or wind generator can do for your Michigan home or business by installing high quality solar panels using our expert Michigan installers or ask us how you can install your solar panels yourself and save. We have helped customers install solar and wind systems in just about every state. We currently have installs all across Michigan and other mid west states and service cities in Michigan including: Detroit, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. We are Michigan solar panel installers!
This site is powered by solar and wind!

If you don't like the weather in Michigan, just wait a few minutes. Starting out in Michigan's continually changing weather taught us how to deal with almost every climatic condition. We have been a solar and wind contractor and installer in Michigan for 16 years and we know what does and does not work here or anywhere! We have designed renewable energy systems for virtually every state and can help to make sure you get every watt possible from your solar or wind power system whether you are off grid or grid tied selling back to the power company. You are one call away from independent power, dedication, professional assistance and Excellent Prices and maybe free solar stuff! We provide complete technical and installation assistance for those who wish to self install their solar panel or wind turbine and can supply Michigan made solar panels if requested. We are Michigan's Best Solar business!

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